Refacing both valves and valve seats with one portable refacer



UM4E Mobile Machine - for refacing both valve faces and valve seats. The next generation for both valve faces and valve seats of big 4-stroke diesel engines.

One machine for refacing both valves and valve seats!
Very short refacing time! 
No abrasive grinding dust! 
No noise!

When refacing valves, the machine is centered by a guiding sleeve clamped to the stem of the valve to be refaced.
When refacing valve seats, the machine is centered by a pilot inserted in the valve guide of the valve seat to be refaced.

The pilots of the VD4E Valve Seat Refacer can be used for centering the UM4E.

Roundness, concentricity and surface finish of the refaced valve seat are within manufacturers’ specifications.

   Valve seat diameter range 90 - 250 mm
   Valve seat angle rangel 0° - 60°
   Valve stem diameter range 18 - 40 mm
Feed motions:  
   Rotary speed 120 - 350 rpm
   Cross feed 0,05 mm/rev.
Electrical system:  
   Supply voltage 230V±10%
   (1ph 50/60Hz)      or 120V±10%
   Rated current 5A
Basic machine:  
   Width/depth/Height 320/160/480 mm
   Net weight, approx.  30 kg















Marine Technic - UM4E Product Sheet