Disperator 500 - Excellent Series BS-Models

Effective and immediate removal of food waste is a necessity in a kitchen or galley. It is therefore important that Disperator food waste disposers be installed in sinks and washing lines where food waste is produced. This is possible with our wide range of mounting assemblies.

The nipple attachment of Disperator 500 Excellent Series BS-Model is welded into the 80 mm drain hole in the bottom of the sink unit. A plate bolted to the disperator is threaded to nipple.

The disposer is delivered complete with start & stop controler and motor protector, solenoid valve and line strainer.

The assembly come complete with flushing nozzle and a removable combined cutlery trap and feeder. A flush pipe, with air gap to sink, is available as optional.

The 500 Excellent Series BASIC models must be assembled with an ATF-, ATV-, BS-, HK-, MI- or DRR-K-assembly before CE-certification is given.

The Disperator 500 Excellent Series has Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Approval for compliance with IMO MARPOL 73/78 ANNEX V for disposal of ground food waste into the open sea.