Disperator 500 - Excellent Series DRRK-Models

The DRRK assembly enables the installation of a food waste disposer into an existing sink or washing line so that the full diameter of the inlet to the grinder can be used. This is an advantage when the dimensions and the amount of food waste to be ground, are large.

A hole, the diameter of the inlet to the grinding chamber, is cut into the sink or washing line. An extension tube with the same diameter is welded into the hole. A DRR-ring having holes the same size and spacing as the disposer mounting is welded to the other end of the extension. The disposer is bolted to the DRR-ring. A protection cover with a limit switch and a flushing nozzle or pipe is included in the assembly.

As the DRRK assembly can be installed into most sinks and washing lines, the protection cover must be manufactured to suit each individual installation. The manufacturing dimension required, as shown on the reverse side of this product sheet, must be given by the customer. The limit switch disconnects the electrical supply, stopping the motor when the cover is lifted.

The 500 Excellent Series BASIC models must be assembled with an ATF-, ATV-, BS-, HK-, MI- or DRR-K-assembly before being given CE approval.

The 500 Excellent Series has Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Approval for compliance with IMO MARPOL 73/78 ANNEX V for disposal of ground food waste into the open sea.