Pomar Water

Pomar Water is an engineering & manufacturing company, offering solutions in the water generation and water treatment fields.

Established in 2015, it is a young Company with a human team with experience of more than 25 years in the development of projects for maritime offshore, industrial and civil installations.

Headquartered in A Coruña, Spain, operates in all over the world thanks to a selected network of distributors and collaborators, allowing us to reach faraway customers and to render service to vessels, platforms and on-land installations in any point of the globe


Designed to obtain drinking water, our RO units offers a wide range of configurations so that customers can identify the better solution for them.

With a production capabilities from 2 up to 1.000 m3/ day, the units can meet standard technical requisitions as well as special ones (offshore, explosion proof, military,
industrial, modular, portable, containerized, yachts, luxury vessels, etc.)

Units fed by sea water as well as brackish one, the produced water is of high quality and meets WHO requirements for drinking water. If needed, technical water can be also obtained using a second stage RO unit.


Thanks to the high corrosion resistant materials used in its manufacturing (copper nickel 90/10), our distillers have a service life of around 30-35 years.

The aim of our Engineers is to design compact and robust units, working under a constant and efficient thermal process and at low boiling temperature. For this reason, the heat exchangers are tubular type, helping also to reduce the risk of salt scaling.

Our PEV series can use any waste heat source such as hot water, steam, thermal oil, etc. and distillate water has a TDS value below 5 ppm. Production range: from 1 up to 150 m3/day.

Potable water can also be obtained with a post-treatment based on mineralizing and terilizing.


Mineralizers are used to increase mineral salts content in the distillate water, becomes it appropriate for human consumption.

Re-hardenings are used to increase the pH level of the produced water to values close to the neutral one, avoiding corrosion issues in the pipe lines of the distribution system.

Pomar Water has designed the PRH series solving the above two issues with only one unit.

The PRH filters are made of stainless steel AISI316L, and are equipped with gauges, sight glass, safety valve, drain valve, access hole, filling hole, pipes and valves. They are delivered with the first charge.

The material inside PRH units meets requirements related with alimentary and human consumption rules.


Pomar Water hydrophores are made of stainless steel AISI316L, making them suitable for fresh water as well as sea water installations.

The system includes the tank, pump(s) and electrical control panel. These items can be loose supplied or fitted in a common frame.

Tank capacities: from 100 up to 3.000 liters. Pump capacities: depending on customer needs.


In our scope of supply, it is included any kind of system that helps to give to the water the proper characteristics depending on its final use: dosing and control units, sterilizers, pH adjustment, heaters, filters, etc.

If requested, we can include a complete software with colored touch screen allowing to the operator a simple monitoring of the water treatment process.


Our PCFA waste water concentrators, have been designed to concentrate and remove the water contained in the liquid waste originated in different industrial processes, with the less economic impact and looking for their reuse.

The working principal of these units is based in a direct contact evaporator process (flash), on which any waste heat source is used to increase the waste water temperature inside the evaporator chamber, boiling the clean water (that is discharge to the atmosphere) and concentrating the waste as much as possible. The final concentration performance will depends on the waste water to be treated.

They are manufactured with the best quality materials and instrumentation, under a compact design.