Drinking Water Test Kit

Simple, affordable one-of-a-kind kit tests for 10 of the most common and potentially hazardous contaminants found in drinking water (Bacteria, Lead, Pesticides, Nitrates, Nitrites, Chlorine, pH, Hardness, Iron and Copper).
Our test kits are in line with the MLC 2006, which say following:
On August 20th 2013, MLC 2006 comes into force. MLC 2006 – Standard A3.2, Food and Catering, paragraph 7 states that “the competent authority shall require that frequent documented inspections be carried out on board ships, by or under the authority of the master, with respect to; a) supplies of drinking water”. The associated WHO guides recommend testing for: E. coli or coliforms; chlorine residual; microbial quality, pH; turbidity; and corrosion-related contaminants, iron and copper.


Product description:
• In line with the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 regarding test of drinking water
• Test for copper, iron, and lead
• Detect dangerous levels of Nitrates/Nitrites
• Test for potentially harmful bacteria
• Reveal the presence of toxins from pesticides or fertilizers
• Learn your water’s pH balance
• Determine your water’s “hardness”
• Identify unsafe levels of chlorine in your water
• Compare all your results to EPA-recommended levels
• Single Use

(1) Bacteria Test Vial
(1) Lead / Pesticide Test Strip
(1) Nitrate / Nitrite Test Strip
(1) pH / Hardness / Chlorine Test Strip
(1) Copper Test Strip
(1) Iron Test Strip

Name: Well water test kit
Part no.: WS-425W
Units: Piece
HS Code: 3822000000