Water In Oil Test Kit

Everybody knows that the lubrication action of water is nothing compared with lube oil. When you have water inside the lube oil it will cause severe damage to all running parts of the engine. By regularly testing your lube oil on the presence of water you can save yourself a lot of money in reducing the repair costs. Also you can test on the working action of the separators or leakage of the coolers. This test kit enables you to determine the percentage of water in your lube oil and fuel oil. The test is performed by means of the ”Calcium Hydride Pressure Testvessel Method”. The value obtained can be used e.g. as a check on the lube oil separator, any water leakages and operation contamination. With the basic kit approx. 50 tests can be performed.

The kit consists of:
– sturdy case
– reactionvessel with manometer and injectionvalve
– water test solution
– waterfree diluent
– magnetic stirrer
– 1 and 5 ml syringes

Why test for water in fuel and/or lube oil:

MONEY: When taking bunkers it is allowed, according the ISO 8217, to have a maximum level of 0.5 % water in the fuel. All % water above this level can be considered as claimable, nobody like to pay the fuel price for water. Simple example to calculate your losses as the water content is above 0.5 %: You are bunkering 1500 metric tones of fuel for the price of USD 650 m/t. By taking a water in oil test on the drip sample during the whole bunker period you find 1.7 %. This is 1.2 % above the 0.5 % level mentioned in the ISO 8217 In this example you are paying USD 11,700 (1.2 % of 1500 times USD 650) for water. Be sure to have a representative sample tested by an independent laboratory.

PROCESS MONITORING: With the simple water in oil test you can easily monitor the process of the installation e.g. to find out if you have a leakage in one of the coolers by testing for and aft the cooler. Or if your separators are working properly by also testing for and aft your separators.