Waste Compactor

Disperator Waste Compactor

The Disperator Waste Compactor is designed to be installed either as a free standing unit or a built-in unit under work top, is the perfect choice for small kitchens, galleys and bars where space is limited.

Quickly and easily, bulky packing waste such as boxes, cartons, tins and plastic cans, are compressed up to 1/6 of its original volume – the equivalent of 300 liter of waste into one 50 liter bag. To maximize the waste volume reduction, a compact hold feature makes it possible to compress waste for several hours until it holds its new compacted shape.

The waste container as well as the compacting plate can be removed for easy cleaning. Exchangeable odor disc is available for odor control.

Safety features include a removable key in a lock/start switch to prevent unauthorized usage and an open door cut-off switch preventing operation when the door is open.

Food waste and glass are not recommended for Disperator Waste Compactor. DISPERATOR food waste disposers and glass crushers are better suited for these purposes.