TBN Test Kit

This test kit is specially developed to check the TBN value (alkalinity) of the engine’s lubricating oil. The test is performed by means of a pressure testvessel. With the basic kit approx. 50 tests can be done.

The kit consists of:
– sturdy case
– reactionvessel with manometer and injectionvalve
– TBN test solution
– waterfree diluent
– magnetic stirrer
– 5 and 10 ml syringes

Why test for TBN (alkalinity):
Every lube manufacturer is putting dopes is its lube oils for extra protecting. The TBN number is giving you the indicating of this protection against aggressive items. In the marine world this is mainly the sulpher content of the fuel. The TBN number will always go done when the engine is working due to gasses and some times fuel leakage. The engine manufacturer will have in its manual the lowest TBN number for the best protection. In case of the measured TBN is below that number you can decide to top up or a complete oil refreshment. If the TBN number is dropping down quite fast you have an indication of  leakage  from fuel and or soot into the lube. In this case you can take action before severe damage will occur. The TBN test will help you to reduce this damage as you can take action right away.