Viscosity Meter

A very simple way to determine the dynamic viscosity of the fuel.

Why test for viscosity:
Testing the viscosity of lube oil is important to see if you your lube is contaminated with fuel or with a lot of soot. When the lube is contaminated with fuel the viscosity will go down and the lubrication action is also going down which can lead to damage. Opposite is the case when the viscosity is going up which indicates that soot is coming to the lube oil which again can lead to damage. In both cases you can see quite soon what is the problem and take action before severe problems will occur.

Testing the viscosity of the fuel, you can calculate the temperature which the fuel should have just before the nozzles. Also you can test the viscosity of the received fuels, which can save you money as the higher the viscosity the lower the fuel price is.

Contents of the kit:
Falling Sphere viscometer
Thermometer 20°C –60°C
Ball for falling sphere viscometer, stainless steel 16.20mm
Mirror for falling sphere viscometer
Electronic timer clock
Beaker tall shape 600 ml
Magnetic stirrer with heater
Magnetic stirring bars with pivot ring 20×6 mm, pack of 2 pieces
Tube for magnets