Counterboring seat ring bores

The ADM4E is designed to to counterbore the valve seat ring bore for oversize seat ring installation.

Refacing diameter range     72-250mm

The motor drive unit of the ADM4E is identical with the motor drive unit of the VD4E Valve Seat Grinding Machine and, therefore, is only required, if no VD4E is at hand.
Two types of exchangeable boring gear heads are available.
The standard boring gear head is provided with a vertical slide for counterboring.
The optional boring and facing gear head is provided with a vertical and a horizontal slide for counterboring and facing the bottom of the bore.
The precision boring tools are equipped with a micrometer dial for adjusting the cutting diameter of the cutting insert to ensure high precision machining to IT6 tolerances.
Form boring tools are available for machining shoulders within the counterbores under special angles to facilitate O-ring installation.
The pilot used for valve seat refacing can be also used for centering the ADM4E.